A bird’s eye view of the guest house and surroundings

If someone tells you that there are no mountains in Latvia, then ask anyone who was born and raised in the mountains of Nīgrandes parish. Here is the answer – there are and always will be mountains in Latvia! We don’t know anyone who is not proud that their roots are in the Mountains! There is wonderful nature and people here. Only the mountains are more beautiful than the mountains!

Agricultural delicacies!

While driving on the road to us from the Liepāja/Vaiņode direction, don’t forget to buy milk from the organic farmers and freshly baked hot bread. Now, there are many possibilities, but we won’t be able to capture the aroma and taste in a photo for you. It’s something to be enjoyed firsthand. Just 1.5 km away from the guesthouse, you can purchase it anytime during the day. If you forget to buy it, you can chase after it on foot!